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Welcome to my second spontaneously feature article! I'm really sick today because of the last night so I just sat around, doing nothing, fighting a hangover in combination with a cold...and yeah, got kinda bored so I typed "absolut" into the dA-searchbox. I've got a bottle of Absolut Mandrin around me and realised again that the simple, smooth design of Absolut is just absolut cool but after having seen the results I have to admint that this is absolut creativity...there are some really nice ideas out here, have a look at the ones i liked best:

Absolut Color by kittystalker
Absolut by Sezzi1982
Absolut Mayhem by arpad
Absolut by WorksByRaj
Absolut Photoshop by KreksofinArt
Absolut Water by ChrRambow
ABSOLUT PINTO by pintosevich
absolut hannibal by 000ROUF000
Absolut Urban by live-without-borders
Absolut Vodka - Holidays Ad by janvanlysebettens
ABSOLUT LONDON by symmetree
Absolut Ice by Madsoffs
absolut harmony by superfloss

Great works, thumbs up!
pintosevich Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
Hey my Absolut poster! :) nice to see it over here, cheers!
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February 7, 2010


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